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what do I need to have

To safely ski?

The equipment

Ski lessons do not include renting the equipment. You therefore need to rent it beforehand. 
  • The instructors strongly recommend children wear a helmet
  • For snowboard lessons, we recommend wrist-guards and back protection. 
  • In the mountains, weather often changes quickly, make sure your child has warm clothes (ski jacket and pants, tights, hat, mittens, sunglasses and/or ski mask, sunscreen and tissues). 

The ski pass

Ski lessons do not include the ski pass. 
  • It is free for children born in and after 2016, be sure to go to the cashier to get a pass with a proof of age. 
  • For beginners, be sure to buy a ski pass beginners.
  • For children enrolled in 'Flocon' lessons, be sure to buy the 'flocon' ski pass.
  • For all the others, be sure to buy the ski pass for the whole area ("tout domaine"). 

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