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frequently asked questions


  • I have booked my group lessons online and I have not received my lesson card, is that normal?
Yes, we have dematerialised our lesson card this year. 
You therefore just need to print your e-ticket that you received and bring it with you to the meeting points, without any other documents.  

  • Is there a minimum number of participants for group lessons to be guaranteed? 
We guarantee lessons from 4 people minimum. The ESF reverses itself the right to change the hours and not sell the weekly lesson card, as to not overcrowd lessons, or if the snow cover is poor. The card will be replaced with single tickets. 
  • When can we start 5 or 6-day lessons? 
Lessons for beginners start on Saturdays, Sundays or Mondays at the latest. Others can start later, depending on availabilities. 
  • I arrive on Sunday morning, can I start with the afternoon lessons and then switch to morning lessons for the rest of the week?
Yes, we offer a "late" lesson card that enables you to start on Sunday afternoon and switch to mornings afterwards. 
  • Where do I need to go for the lessons?
For lessons booked at Pré des Preys, meeting point is at the top of Pré des Preys Telecabin (the green one). 
For lessons booked at Colline des Bains (school holidays only), meeting point is at the Colline des Bains, route des bains under the centre of the Village (in front of the tennis courts).
  • I do not ski, do I need to bring my children at the meeting point for ski group lessons?
If the children are the only one skiing in the family, the ESF has a complimentary service for them. ESF picks them up at the foot of the telecabin half-an-hour before the beginning of lessons and brings them back to the same spot qt the end of the lesson so you do not have to buy a pedestrian return trip. 
If you desire to use this service you will need a special number sign (ask the ESF office). You will be asked to give a 10-euro guarantee (given back when you give the number sign back). There is a limited number of spots, so the ESF reserves itself the right to take back a number sign to a children if the parents can ski and have a ski pass (and to keep the guarantee as well). 
  • When is the medal ceremony?
Tests are taken during the Friday lesson. 
  • Can I get a refund for the lessons if I cannot attend?
Lesson card are individual. In case a student is missing at the beginning of the lesson, no claim or refund will be given by the ESF. This is why you should take out an insurance. 
No reimbursement will be given before the ESF office has the lesson card back. 
  • Do we need to have any kind of protection for snowboard lessons?
Wearing a helmet is strongly recommended and for beginners, we also recommend wearing wrist-guilds and a back protection. 
  • I have never skied before. Can I enrol in snowboarding lessons?
Yes. These are 2 totally different disciplines and it is possible to start Snowboard without having skied before. These two disciplines require different techniques and balance. 

Other information

  • Instructors cannot be held responsible for bad weather, ski lift failures or other incidents.
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