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for a stress-free stay

The insurance is not included in the prices for ski lessons. You need to check with your insurance that it covers the following risks:

  • Civil liability if you are responsible for an accident - evacuation by emergency services,
  • Reimbursement of fees (the insurance reimburses ski lessons if you get injured, not the ESF)
  • No application for reimbursement will be treated before the ESF offices has got the lesson card back. 

The ESF recommend you take the following offer: ski pass + insurance.
The ski lifts offices offer an insurance when buying your ski pass. 

  • ESF Villard de Lans Villard de Lans
  • 38250 Villard de Lans
  • Tel : Alpin : 04 76 95 10 94 - Nordique : 04 76 95 19 00 ou 06 82 63 60 07