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timed tests

Taking Chamois and flèche tests

Whether you are following ski lessons or not, you can measure your talent to the best instructors of the ESF when taking "Chamois" and "Flèche" tests, and take part in the national ranking Skiopen.

  • FLÈCHE (giant slalom): this track has two different gates (red and blue). You need to go through same colour doors and continue until the end of the track. The gates are spaced so that you can make a wide turn. At Villard de Lans stadium, the number of gates is included between 27 and 30, depending on snow or weather conditions. 
  • CHAMOIS (special slalom): this track consists in a series of red and blue slalom gates between which you must alternate until the end of said track. Gates are closer together so you will need to master your curves (more technical and shorter). At Villard de Lans Stadium, the number of gates is included between 35 and 45, depending on snow and weather conditions.  
  • JUMP: this test takes place at our slalom stadium only during school holidays of February/ March. The participants are required to have a good level (Etoile de Bronze minimum). The goal is to jump from an artificially made mogul and to land as far as possible. 

Price: 8€. 
This price included one round per test. People enrolled in weekly lessons can take these tests without paying extra.

Don't forget to enrol the day before at the latest, in our ESF office of Balcon de Villard! 

We STRONGLY recommend you wear a helmet for competition. 

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